Jonathan Davie joins John on the podcast to discuss youth ministry in the context of Scotland (

In this episode, Michael Hall joins John to talk about RYM's YLT conference ( 

285 - Robert Row joins John to discuss the work he does with seeJesus and shares over 20 years of student and family ministry experience (

284 - Linda & Matthew continue their conversation with John as they discuss parents and youth ministry. In this episode, they talk about technology and its impact on youth culture (

Episode 283 - Linda Oliver & Matthew Icard join John again to discuss the busyness epidemic in life and ministry (

Linda and Matthew join John on the podcast to discuss the importance of partnering with parents. On this episode, they consider why youth workers are often fearful of parents and helpful ways to deal with that fear (

To kick off the fourth season of the podcast, John welcomes guest, Dr. Duffy Robbins, to share his 35+ years of youth ministry experience (

John Trapp & Joe Deegan join John to discuss insecurities in life and ministry (

In this episode, John welcomes Josh Byers & Tim Challies to discuss their new book, A Visual Theology Guide to the Bible. For more info on RYM, visit: 

John gives a quick update about an upcoming episode and what season 4 of the podcast may look like. (

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